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What Do We Offer

Create a level playing field where every battery producer, retailer and recycler of batteries supports end-of-life management of the product.
Assure that overall responsibility is shared between manufacturers, importers, consumers, retailers, recyclers and collectors.
Build awareness of battery recycling to maximize battery collection and long-term awareness
Work to efficiently use resources by pursuing recycling-oriented manufacturing
Minimize the environmental impact of batteries throughout the entire supply chain including end of life management.
Contract to Members

ARBR members will be qualified to participate in government programmes, contracts and projects involving the installation of batteries in Nigeria.

Technical and Incentives to Members

Battery manufacturers and recyclers receive technical support and incentives to upgrade and upscale production, recycling technology and processes.

Grants and Funds to Members

ARBR members receive grants and financial support directly or through development partners to ensure sustainable battery usage and also improve of battery technology in Nigeria.

Membership of ARBR

For Details of Membership and Registration, Email us at info@batteryalliance.com.ng
  • 1. Battery Producers

    These are inclusive of battery Manufacturers, Importers and Exporters

  • 2. Used Battery Recyclers

    Organizations that are into battery recycling activities

  • 3. Used Battery Collectors

    Individuals or companies that collect used batteries

  • 4. Affiliate Members
    N100,000 and Above

    These are Agents,Mediators, NGO and Association


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    Leading a National Effort to Promote Responsible Battery Recycling in Nigeria. .

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    Alliance for Responsible battery Recycling (ARBR),The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) has permitted ARBR to charge membership registration fees, battery recycling fees and administrative fees to implement used battery take-back schemes and programmes to advance the objectives and goals of the Organisation.

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